Wednesday, 11 September 2013

September 11th – 774,491

I was a good boy today, I returned to my main work in progress and picked it up where I’d left off. By lunchtime I’d hit my target, adding 3,137 words to the total. I’m struggling with one of the characters though, and as a result I’m seriously thinking about putting this one to one side, just for a few weeks to allow my thought patterns to settle and in the meantime get on with something else. My thinking being, that taking a break from it, not abandoning it, just taking a break, will enable me to return to it and freshen the characters up, making the story work much better, and provide the necessary pointers to the edits I’ll need to improve the 25k already written.

My critique partner has returned a synopsis to me for a trilogy with some excellent suggestions, including a change of names for the central characters (four sisters), along with other ideas, and the instruction to “go for it”, which is a good indication the idea has “legs”.

This gives me a choice of three projects to tackle, although the trilogy will would take up most of the time between now and the end of the challenge, or either of the two new story lines I started this week. I’m back in my usual quandary again then – which one to work on? No clichés today.

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