Sunday, 8 September 2013

September 8th – 764,295

For the first time in several days I managed to get some, relatively, uninterrupted writing time today and as a result I powered through 3,640 words in total in double quick time. Those words, though, were spread over two projects – for the usual reason – I wasn’t sleeping very well last night, so in the middle of a wakeful period I came up with another new story idea. I can’t help myself.

The reason I wasn’t sleeping was straight forward too – I’m not supposed to take the overnight meds night after night after night – the most intense schedule would be two nights on the meds followed by one night off. Last night was the night off, and without that chemical crutch to lean on, I didn’t sleep. Having said that, and having been up at a very early hour for a Sunday morning – I don’t actually feel that tired. The cumulative effect of the meds is therefore on the plus side of the equation.

Tomorrow now, poses me with a problem. I haven’t finished the first chapter of the new work in progress and I’d like to get that done, while in my main work in progress I’m approaching a crunch point in the plot and the writing is flowing nicely. Ah, decisions again.

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