Monday, 2 September 2013

September 2nd – 744,654

I wrote THE END on the current manuscript today, and I’m pleased I did. Although it came out a few hundred words short of 47k, I’m happy with the length, knowing it will be cut on edit. However, I have to confess I’m not happy with the manuscript itself, structurally. There are two parts to the story and they don’t meld well – there’s too much harmony between the two leading characters, and there needs to be more tension if not more conflict between them.

I’m going to have to work at that later – for now it’s time to put this one in the “drafts drawer” and come back to it in a few weeks’ time.

I did manage to get 2,635 words written on it, and another 725 words on the newsletter, for a total daily word count of 3,360, so by the look of things, I’m going to hit the 750k point the day after tomorrow.

Now of course, comes the difficult question – what’s going to be the next piece I pick up to work on, what am I going to work on to hit the target and reach that 3/4 point on Wednesday. Hmmm… Big decision that.

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