Wednesday, 25 September 2013

September 25th – 804,753

This work in progress is rocketing off the ends of my fingers – another 4,233 words written today, and the story is developing at a nice pace too. I expected a bit of a downer today, to be honest, after all I’d hit a major milestone yesterday, so an anti-climax and a struggle was a reasonable expectation. So, hitting this kind of word count, and before lunch, was a pleasant surprise.

The head cold has just about disappeared, although when I went to bed last night, I found myself coughing a lot, and I had to suck a throat pastille for some time to stop it. Seeing as I’ve had the cold for almost a week, without coughing, it’s a little odd that’s it developing in this direction when the other symptoms are fading into history.

I’m also feeling my age today, given it was our daughter’s, our eldest child’s, birthday and I’ll be nice and not give her age away, but having a child of that age makes you feel somewhat older too.

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