Tuesday, 3 September 2013

September 3rd – 748,140

I picked up an old work in progress today, and for me a very old one – over two and a half years old, something I’d last looked at in January 2011 (according to the last modified date on the file). A quick polish and I was away, and indeed by ten o’clock this morning I’d added 3,486 words to the existing 4.5k I already had.

Compared to the tortuous process of the last piece, this one is flowing very nicely indeed. I was instantly inside the head of the main viewpoint character and I could see the other characters in front of me as the words positively flew from my fingers.

I guess this one will probably beat the last one to market – once finished it will need at least one self-edit and maybe two, but those edits will not need to be anything like as fierce as on the previous piece.

When a story is flowing, and I really do mean flowing like this, writing is a pleasure, instead of the chore it becomes when you’re wrestling with a story like I was doing last time. Even though I was tired from another bad night, I was still able to write “like the wind” today, and when I’d finished not only could I have gone on a lot longer, when I read back what I’d written it looked good, and felt right.

I’m thinking this story has got legs, for sure.

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