Sunday, 1 September 2013

September 1st – 741,294

Another 3,389 words on this manuscript, and I’ve managed to get the black moment written as well. Now I just need to get the angst ridden guilt trip out of the way before we end up at the HEA moment. As predicted yesterday, I think I’m going to get this done tomorrow, now, and again, as predicted hit a 47k final word count.

Final is, of course, a relative term – it’s final in terms of the first draft, by the time the book has been through a couple of edit passes, and then the hands of a proper editor, we end up with a very different word count, but if it ends up closer to 40k, I won’t particularly mind. That though, of course, is for the future, I need to get it written first, and having survived a lot of angst myself with this manuscript, I’ll be glad to put it to one side for a few weeks.

My edit pile is growing apace, too, so I’m going to have to tackle a few more of the older ones, and start thinking about getting them shipped off.

In the meantime I need to concentrate on getting my diet, adjusted. Although most things are heading back to normal, I seem to be developing an issue with bread. It’s not some form of gluten intolerance – pastry and cake are fine, as is anything else using wheat flour, but bread is becoming an issue – I’m literally unable to choke it down. Strange, there again to most people, my diet has always been strange.


  1. Yeast? How are you with beer?

  2. Hmmm... A good thought. I've not been drinking a lot during the entire 8 week nightmare, but the occasional one I've had, including one last night, hasn't caused a problem. Thanks for the input.