Thursday, 9 May 2013

May 9th – 409,925.

Well, last night I had a long conversation about my, then, current work in progress with my business and critique partner, Paulette. The question tabled, was whether to finish the book where I had it and then think about a sequel or the alternative, to write another couple of scenes, as mentioned in yesterday’s blog. In the end she helped to persuade me to leave it where it is, and use the additional material to work on a sequel at a later date.

That meant I would need to start another book the next time I wrote. I had planned to take today off and not write until the weekend, but overnight, my slightly sleep deprived mind, which refused to let me rest reached its own decision, and as a result the addiction kicked in and I started another work in progress today. This one is again a sequel to one I finished earlier in the challenge, so at the moment I have four potential sequels, two third books of trilogies, three brand new ideas (with about 3,000 words written on each) and a couple of other books started some time ago. All of these are waiting to be written, once I’ve done with this one.

I’ve done 3,331 words today, on a day I’d scheduled as a rest day. That’s patently ridiculous, and I can see this challenge ceasing to be a contest of me versus the world, and simply becoming a way of life – anyone want to give odds on a twelve million word decade? Quite honestly at this moment, either I can do something that daft, or someone will shoot my muse – probably me. I ask you though, would that be a crime?


  1. I understand where you are. When I wrote my first book, I wrote the beginning of the second before realising I needed to draw a line, and put it into book 2. Ditto with book 3, and while in the middle of book 4, I can see where number 5 will go. Maybe that will be an end. I refuse to look further ahead.

    For me, often a big thing is getting a working title up on the top of the manuscript. It gives the next book it's own place and feeling. I am surprised at how often it becomes the title of the book, or something similar does, even if it seems like total nonsense at the time. It's amazing where your mind will take you.

  2. I agree, the working title is all important, and sometimes I take that a stage further too - working up a mock up of the cover. I've left that particular w.i.p. there, and will pick up the story again as book 2, later.