Thursday, 30 May 2013

May 30th – 425,072.

Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something, because today was a repeat of yesterday. I finished off a scene in the new idea from yesterday, then sat down and wrote over 2,400 words on yet another new story. This one though has me excited, and wanting to write, and it fits in nicely with a concept series with a particular publisher. I think I’ll get a few more words under the belt on this before pitching it, but it’s clearly got legs. The original w.i.p. I was working on, well that's the one my subconscious is saying leave alone for now, you had problems, remember. Damn that nagging muse.

So, with just over 500 words on the other new w.i.p. that takes me to 2,940 words for the day, and events have now caught up with me for the day.

Not a good day, although the weather is better. First the door curtain in the conservatory has fallen down, and since the polyester strings that made up the curtain were fragile with age anyway we went out to buy a replacement, ending up with voile lace vertical blinds, and they have to be trimmed to size and fitted - so there goes a good part of the afternoon.

Then, just to put the cherry on the icing, Marion put the washer on, with a full load, when we got home, and then ten minutes later, with the washer full, all hell broke out on the electrics with the RCD trip refusing to reset until the washer was switched off.

I have at least managed to remove a full load of sopping wet washing from the machine, and most of the water had drained out rather than spilled onto the floor. The washing has gone round to my mother’s for the generous loan of her machine, and we’re now sitting waiting for the repairman. Keeping our fingers crossed about the cost. At least it’s a no call out service, and a reliable one I’ve used before.

I think it would have been cheaper to have stayed away on holiday!

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