Wednesday, 29 May 2013

May 29th – 422,132.

Well, today I did it again. Another morning when I woke up with a different, and complete plot in my head. Just like when it’s happened before, I had no alternative but to try and get a coherent first scene down on paper. Actually, in this case that turned out to be harder than I expected – I had the opening line, the first paragraph and the complete plot, but the rest of the first scene was more elusive than it had seemed at seven o’clock this morning.

Still, perseverance paid off, and by lunchtime, I had a first chapter, comprising three consecutive scenes, for a total of 3,038 words taking me through the 420k mark on the total count. More importantly the last three days have seen me stretch my buffer zone back above five days, so in writing terms everything is going well.

If only that could be said about the weather as the rain set in again mid-morning. The forecast is for clearer, drier weather up until the weekend, but alas my garden looks waterlogged, and too damp to work. Who am I kidding? That alas was purely for effect, the state of the garden is not on my priority list – I can’t work on it, so I’m not going to worry about it.

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