Saturday, 4 May 2013

May 4th – 393,770

I managed to get a good writing stint in this morning and completed 2,000 words in very short order. Unfortunately retail therapy intervened and I had to put the keyboard down and pick up the driving wheel.  It was quite a few hours before I managed to put a second stint in on the keyboard, resulting in a further 1,300 words to give me a total for the day of 3,319, over 500 words more than the target.

So in writing terms, everything is looking good. This work in progress, as it happens a novella is building toward the climax nicely, and I’m about on target to finish it off just about short of the 40k mark. That will take me comfortable past the 400k mark on the challenge, close to three weeks ahead of schedule.

I’m glad I’ve got that far ahead, I’m reaching the point where I don’t have enough editing time to knock the earlier first draft manuscripts of this challenge into shape, I’ve managed to do that with one, but not the rest. Now I need to get those done, so I might take a week or so to do that and then pick the writing up.

Therein lies the rub, of course, I’m addicted to the writing every day gig, now. Putting it to one side is going to be a serious case of cold turkey, and that is an experience I don’t want – ever!

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