Tuesday, 7 May 2013

May 7th – 403,374.

I shouldn’t complain about the hot weather, after all we’ve just come out of a miserable winter and a shockingly cold and wet spring, but it was way too hot this morning, stiflingly so. As a result, guess who was up early, and managed to get 2,000 words written before breakfast – yep, me.

Today is exceptionally hectic, with the car in for its annual MOT which is of course another large bill to pay. In fact I've just spoken to the garage, to find it needs work on the front suspension (expected), rear brake (half expected) and exhaust (surprise), so that bill is going to be even bigger than ever. The garden is desperately in need of attention, and since it’s warm and sunny, there’s no excuse for being indoors. Besides, the house is still hot and stuffy, so I’m going to give in and go outside for the rest of the day. Still at least I’ve managed to get my quota in – hitting 2,973 words in total this morning.

This evening is going to be busy too. I have a critique group unless it’s cancelled, and I have three e-books to upload and release. As I’ve said before and will say again, there’s no rest in this business, at either end of it.

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