Friday, 3 May 2013

May 3rd – 390,451.

At least it’s been a bit quieter on the ‘life’ front today so I’ve managed to get a good writing stint done this morning. As a result I’ve managed to bank a total of 3,244 words, taking me up and past the 390k mark, and I am now, officially, 19 ½ days ahead of schedule.

‘Life’ issues will no doubt intrude during the rest of the day, rather more than they did this morning, but with the words already under my belt I don’t need to worry about that, unlike yesterday.

There are still a number of crisis points to deal with, family wise, but I suspect after the upheavals last week things should quieten down now, at least everything is out in the open and people can understand what’s been going on. Sorry, if that comes across as a bit cryptic, but the issues are not really mine to disclose, even though they have had an effect on the way I have to budget my time.

Instead it’s time to ‘accentuate the positive’ and move on, and that, to all intents and purposes is my intention. Oh dear, I just read that sentence back to myself, what a marvellous tangle of mixed metaphors if ever I saw one. Unless of course, you can come up with a better, and equally deliberate, one.

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