Wednesday, 8 May 2013

May 8th – 406,594.

Well the bill for the car wasn’t bad given the work that had to be done, nevertheless it was way more than I’d expected. Guess I’m just have to go on my uppers and beg for a couple of hundred more people to buy my books in the next few days to compensate. Hah. Like that’d work. I’ll have to pay the bill something like three months before the royalties would come due anyway, I wish non- authors understood that, most don’t

Still, in between ‘life breaks’ I did manage to get a decent stint of writing (3,220 words) done on this work in progress, I just have to decide if I’ve just written the climax to the book, or if it’s a false summit and I need to add another linking scene and then the big climax. Despite intending this one to be a stand-alone novella, I suspect there’s enough material and life in the story for a sequel. Damn it! Why do I always do that? Sometimes I set out to write a series, but sometimes, it just kind of happens all on its lonesome. I do have a problem in this book though, there’s a sequence where the two protagonists spend about 1,000 words moralising about their actions, and to be honest, reading it through the day after it was flagged for attention. It either gets cut entirely, or it gets replaced with a different conversation, nobody needs to hear that, not even me!

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