Sunday, 26 May 2013

May 26th- The return – 412,753 words.

Well, hello again.

As regular readers may have noticed I’ve not been posting for the last couple of weeks, with good reason. I’ve been away on annual leave, taking in the wilds (in terms of the weather) of Cornwall and Devon in the company of my family. While I’ve been able to get several tasks done on my laptop, what I haven’t had has been time to sit down on my own and write. That’s something that has become increasingly obvious too, I need solitude to write. Other people thrive writing in a collaborative atmosphere, or at least in a room with other people doing their own thing. For me though, that’s not the case. I need solitude, and given the weather we had (particularly during the Cornish leg of the holiday), I never had the chance to sit down on my own and just write. As a result, the sum total output for the last 16 days in terms of word count has been zero, a big fat nothing, nil, zip, nada.

We came home yesterday, with two weeks’ worth of washing, and of course no end of little jobs, not to forget the almost bone-numbing tiredness of a six hour drive home. So today was the first chance to sit down and solve an issue. A simple but very important issue. Could I pick it up again where I’d left off? Could I return, immediately, to the routine of producing 2,800+ words a day, could I still write?

For me, there was a big issue here, if I couldn’t I would slip behind the curve on my target, and quite possibly end up abandoning the quest to write a million words in 2013, in as public and ignominious a fashion as possible. So, you can understand, why, when I started writing at about twelve o’clock I found my fears were unfounded. Two and a half hours later, I’ve hit 2,828 words and my fingers are itching to do even more, although I won’t do so. I'm also still more than 12,000 words ahead of that metronomic schedule.

So, I guess the slogan of the year applies “Keep Calm and Carry On.” For this writing addict, normal service has been resumed.


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