Monday, 7 October 2013

October 7th – 860,263

I managed 5,179 words today, in the midst of growing frustration. I guess I need to write when I’m angry more often. Not with the writing, the anger is directed at the builders, who were supposed to be on site at eight this morning, and well over five hours later, still haven’t turned up, nor have they left any message or returned any calls.

I know the building trade and clocks don’t get on, and it’s not a problem in the full scheme of things, but it’s frustrating as I feel pinned to the floor, needing to stay here in case they show, while there are things I could be getting on with if I wasn’t trapped here.

It’s more frustration than real anger, but the lack of messages, when a simple sixty second call would sort things out, is just a discourtesy I’m not sued to. I don’t do it to other people – I don’t expect people to do it to me.


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