Monday, 14 October 2013

October 14th – 892,213

I didn’t expect to get a lot of work done today, especially if the scaffolding crew turned up on time, which they did. So I’ve been sitting here trying to write while surrounded by bangs, crashes and thumps that make me jump, even though I know what’s actually happening.

It’s neither restful nor conducive to a calm peaceful atmosphere to write in, but I surprised myself. When I sat back and called time on writing for the day, I found I’d hit 4,503 words which was an amazing total in such a fractured environment.

It’s taken me past the 890k mark, and I seem to be well on course to pass 900k within a couple of days and enter the home straight.

The step change in word count since mid-September isn’t abating, remember I was worried about the changeover between manuscripts, but this one, despite being a different type of story in a different genre, is flowing just as the previous one did.

In fact, the absurdity of statistics, is that if I was to hit my average word count for the last 24 days, every day for a year, which is an impossibility for anyone, I’d be hitting 1.7million words. When I set off I thought, as did most of my writing friends, that 1 million was absurd, but 1.7million that’s out of the question.

Actually it’s starting to worry me for a different reason. Having got into this habit of writing at this speed – what happens when I reach the target? I was intending to drop into edit mode and start getting all these manuscripts ready for submission – but can I actually switch it off, or will I keep writing out of habit? After all my mind, and laptop are filled with half-formed ideas.

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