Wednesday, 16 October 2013

October 16th – Through the 900,000 mark.

4,138 words today means I hit a total so far of 900,677 words, which in turn means I’ve cracked the 900k barrier. I’m now where I never thought I’d reach, and I certainly didn’t expect to reach in October – I’m in the home straight, the final lap, and any other racing metaphors you want to think up.
It’s taken me a mere 22 days to cover the distance between 800k and 900k so if I maintained that pace I’d finish around about 8th November. That’s a couple of days slower than a similar estimate last week, but my daily word count average has dropped by a couple of hundred since then. In fact, today, which has been a very busy “life” day, has been my lowest word count in the last 10 days.
I’ve got a critique group this evening, which is going to be fun, since one of the pieces is written by a Polish guy, in his second language, English, and of course what did we do to the Poles last night at Wembley?
Still I was good - I wrote up my critique of his piece yesterday before the 2-0 win, just in case we lost – I didn’t want to be accused of being harsh just to get my own back. Truth is, there’s a lot to say about it, but most of it isn’t that harsh, it’s actually got a lot of potential – but like most first drafts, including my own, it’s going to take some extensive, careful editing. I think there’s a fun evening ahead.

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