Saturday, 12 October 2013

October 12th – 883,104

The weather is terrible today, we’ve had a gale blowing throughout the night and that has in turn brought rain with it this morning. It’s now two o’clock and if my laptop screen had a darker background colour, then I’d need the light on, it’s almost like twilight.

Still, the one advantage of bad weather is the fact I’ve not been out at all, meaning I’ve hit 4,392 words today taking me well past the 880k mark and this particular manuscript past the 74k mark.

I’m actually in the mood to keep writing, but there are other things that need doing, so I guess they’re going to take precedence. Which I suppose is a pity, as it seems as if my fingers are itching to get me over the winning line in terms of this challenge so I can try something else. I suspect though, that won’t be NANOWRIMO this year, after all I don’t want to burn out. There again, after hitting over 88k words a month, NANOWRIMO may be a way of easing down and stopping me going cold turkey!

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