Wednesday, 2 October 2013

October 2nd – 837,921

A slightly lower total today, just 4,608 words, but my excuse is a simple one - I reached the end of an important scene and didn’t want to start on the next one, get a couple of hundred words into it and then stop. I decided it was better to stop where I was and start the next scene fresh tomorrow.

At this rate I’ll pass the 840k point tomorrow too, and I can almost taste that magic million – if only I was actually being paid for it – yet! I think a couple of the books have homes to go to, and I’m sure a couple will go to Bluewood, I’m just starting to think about the marketing for the others – as in marketing to publishers.

The builders are now coming Friday – wouldn’t want to be working outside in the weather we had this morning, either, so we’ll see how everything goes. I guess I’m a little concerned about working in the noise and stress of them working, but we’ll have to see how it goes – I just wish I could go and write at a local Starbucks, Costa or Café Nero like a number of my friends do – but that would be prohibitively expensive for me – I like their coffee far too much.


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